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What can Blue Pebble do for you?

Coaching can help with

  • adapting to a new role

  • getting back to work after a break

  • managing competing priorities

  • improving presentation skills

  • building confidence

  • developing leadership skills

  • working for a new boss

  • making decisions and prioritising

Where do I go for coaching? 

We can come to your workplace or your local coffee shop or by Skype or over the phone

In the UK and beyond, we can help.

How can you help my business?

We can talk at your Professional Development day about managing stress and we are available to speak at conferences and events about the power of coaching .  We also offer workshops, which will help you to embed coaching in your organisation and individual coaching programmes to help turn your personal goals into achievements.

As your business grows, your people need to grow their skills too and they sometimes need some help.  Coaching enables you to develop your key people so that they add value to your business by improving their management and leadership skills.  We offer one to one coaching for people at all levels in your business, team coaching and on-site workshops to help you understand why coaching is good for your business and how to go about it. 

How do I get started?

email or call 01473 625115 (+044 1473 625115 from outside the UK) and let's talk about your challenges, goals and see how I can help.  Your first session is free of charge and I look forward to hearing from you!

About Blue Pebble

Izzy Ixer, Director and Principal Consultant and the expert behind Blue Pebble coaching.

Izzy Ixer, Director and Principal Consultant and the expert behind Blue Pebble coaching.

Izzy Ixer has over 30 years' experience in helping individuals and teams who are going through change. Blue Pebble Coaching is based near Woodbridge in Suffolk in the UK.

Qualified with the CMI Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring,  Izzy is also a an experienced British Wheel of Yoga teacher.  And she can share some simple Yoga relaxation and breathing techniques to help manage stress and anxiety.

As a Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Ambassador, Izzy also works with Suffolk schools as a role model for women in IT. 

"Working in the IT industry I saw that the changes which work best are when people are engaged in the process and feel they have a role in it.  And in today's changing world we need to be adaptable and resilient so that we can continue to learn and develop.  Coaching plays a key part in helping people to recognise their skills and strengths and also to observe where they may need to develop themselves too."  Izzy Ixer

Izzy believes in continuing to learn and develop:  “It was great working with Izzy at the Ladies in Property Suffolk (LIPS) event in Ipswich.  You need to be brave to work with me and she embraced the opportunity to learn more about her personal impact through the exercise I led”.  Heather White, Networking Expert & CEO of Smarter Networking.

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What is Coaching?

If you are facing a challenge,  it's sometimes difficult to see how to tackle it.  Maybe you have looked for help and advice or read some useful articles.  Surprisingly the skills you need may be ones you already have.  Skills which can be used in a new setting. 

Coaching works by providing support as you work out your next steps and form your own goals.  And through a process of questioning, reflection and challenge, it enablea you to recognise your own strengths and identify areas which need developing so you can resolve issues for yourself.

At Blue Pebble Coaching we work with:

  • Individuals needing support in a new role

  • Organisations experiencing growth whose leaders need learning and development

  • Teams which need to learn to work better together

  • Managing pressure and anxiety at work

We believe that there is lasting value in supporting personal development and enabling individuals to become skilled in meeting new challenges.

Why not combine yoga and coaching?

A unique combination of simple yoga postures, breathing techniques and relaxation combined with coaching to help you identify your goals keep you on track to achieve them

  • Develop your self-awareness and improve your relationships at home and at work

  • Discover your strengths and how to work with them

  • Learn techniques to manage stress and anxiety

  • Become calm, confident and assertive

  • Prepare for life changes - new job, new challenge, retirement

The Yoga and Coaching combination is available at

Woodbridge Complementary Health Centre, Sandy Lane, Martlesham, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 4SD 01394 388234

Natural Health Centre, The Thoroughfare, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1AQ 01394 380580

Ned Wombwell Osteopathy, Albany Villa, Melton Road, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1PD 01394 382866

Call to book your free, 15 minute consultation and discover how the Yoga and Coaching combination can work for you.

Also available at your workplace or at a venue of your choice - please contact Blue Pebble Coaching for details.


Back on track after a turbulent year!

Izzy gave me the confidence to face my problems head on instead of sweeping them under the carpet, therefore I applied for a new position and was successful.

I met up with Izzy after being in my new job for a month and she noticed a change in me even before I had spoken to her, I am and always will be eternally grateful to Izzy and Blue Pebble Coaching for getting me back on track after a very turbulent year.
— Nikki

I have re-connected with my values and skills and feel empowered

Izzy has helped me move from a mindset of simply enduring my job and looking for ways of coping with it, to re-connecting with my values and skills, and feeling empowered. I now feel proud of my skills again and am making positive choices daily that reflect the value I can bring and give me a sense of fulfillment.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Izzy as a coach whose personal and engaging approach really helps you reflect, find opportunities and make positive choices.
— Senior Manager, Suffolk County Council

Taking on a senior management role.

I began my career with a large local authority after a period of time working in the retail sector. Izzy appointed me to a support role in her team because she recognised that the organisaiton needed the skills and experience I had gained. As my manager Izzy was also my coach and mentor. She supported my development and encouraged me to develop my skills. When the organisation outsourced its services, I was ready to meet challenges this brought and I achieved several promotions. I am now a senior manager responsible for operations and strategy.
— Simon Read, Senior IT Operations Manager

I gained knowledge, understanding and learning.

Izzy is a highly professional and focussed person. She guided me through our sessions and I felt well supported at all times. She is so easy to talk to; I felt very at ease with her and happy to speak with an open mind without fear of being judged. Izzy has a calm, positive natured attitude and this helped me to relax during our sessions. She is well qualified and I felt throughout the process I gained so much knowledge, understanding and learning. I would recommend her to anyone.
— Kirstie Damant, Local Government Manager

Workshop prepared us for coaching

I believe in the value of coaching as it builds mutual support and trust among people who work together. The workshop Izzy ran for Healthwatch has given us a firm basis for introducing a coaching culture into our organisation and we feel better prepared to support new members of staff as our service develops
— Andy Yacoub, CEO of Healthwatch Suffolk

A huge help in getting my business unstuck

Izzy’s fresh approach to coaching is client led. The coachee determines the direction of the sessions and Izzy pinpoints solutions to often complex business issues and blockages by way of targeted, insightful questioning. Izzy is great at getting you to determine what’s holding you back in business and what you need to do to move forward. She has been a huge help in getting my business unstuck.
— Deloris Clarke of Sorted4You

A vibrant speaker at our Ladies in Property Suffolk event

Izzy joined us for a Ladies In Property Suffolk (LIPS) event and gave us an insight into her journey to becoming a coach. She is an engaging and vibrant speaker and showed our members how to identify and be proud of their strengths and achievements.
— Nadine Coleman, Chair of Ladies in Property Suffolk (LIPS)

I’ve found the job that suits me.

After working for several years in a service area that I loved, I found myself caught up in a large-scale service transformation. I secured a management role in the new structure and from the outset the emphasis was on high performance and strong management in a more commercial setting. Izzy was my manager and acted as my coach and mentor as we adapted to the new culture. I learned a lot about myself during the process. I made tough decisions, implemented new processes and encouraged my team to adopt more structured ways of working. I achieved quite a lot, grew as a person and surprised myself. The self-awareness and learning from this experience gave me the confidence to go out and find a role which is ideally suited to me and which I love.
— Tony Morley, Learning and Development Lead Consultant, Norfolk County Council

Help with harmonising the new team.

Following a significant change in the structure of the organisation, one of my key teams was in need of strategic direction. They had been brought together from two separate organisations and were trying to form their new identify at a time of huge pressure to facilitate change in the organisation. Izzy developed a short programme and used a coaching style to help the team and senior leaders develop common goals and priorities for the future of the service. Through this process, the team members were able to share their goals and prioritise them. As a result, the leadership team was able to create a clear process for embedding the changes the organisation needed to make and gained the support of the newly formed team.
— Rachael Mann, Head of Resources and Performance, West Suffolk Council

I rediscovered myself through coaching.

I approached Blue Pebble Coaching about building my self-confidence after starting a new job within the NHS. I found Izzy to be approachable and very helpful. During our sessions Izzy helped me to discover new skills and, possibly more importantly, rediscover old interests and skills that had become dormant for a period of time. I have no hesitation in recommending Blue Pebble Coaching to anyone in need of either professional or life coaching.
— Kate Bayntun, Norfolk and Suffolk Health Service

We have a better understanding of the role of coaching and how it can help businesses

Izzy of Blue Pebble Coaching Ltd very kindly delivered a presentation on coaching to the New Anglia Growth Hub team to support their professional development.

This was excellent in terms of understanding the role of coaching and the impact this can have on the role of the adviser .”
— Robert Turnbull, New Anglia Growth Hub

Contact Blue Pebble for help with 

  • Getting back to work after a break

  • Proving yourself to the new boss

  • Rising to the challenge of a new role

  • Setting your own goals and achieving them

  • Managing a new team

  • Preparing for retirement

  • Making changes in your life

  • Supporting personal growth

If you'd like to hear from Izzy and see how she can help you, fill in the form. 

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